New version NOT in the planning stage.

Update 2010-Dec-09: After completing Last Comments 1.3 for private blogs (Blogger blogs only), I have decided to cancel the plan to make an off-site version of Last Comments. I still am considering developing Last Comments 1.x that will merge version 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 together into a widget rather than a gadget, but I am happy with each gadget the way they are now, so I am not feeling too inspired to merge them at this time.

I have a long-term plan to make a new version of Last Comments that will allow users to log in and then use Last Comments on a personal homepage located off their blog, making the next version more of an iGoogle gadget than a Blogger gadget. I'm still uncertain if that will allow Last Comments to be used with private blogs (which may or may not have private feeds).