Get rid of those #39s!

One of the prime motivations behind building Last Comments was to get rid of those awful &#39s you see in other recent comments gadgets. With Last Comments, you are guaranteed to not see those weird characters in place of single quotations in any of the comments, whether they are the latest comments or the first comments ever left on your blog! Double quotes, angle brackets, and ampersands will all show up correctly, too. That's because Last Comments adheres to the current quality guidelines and documentation for working with feeds in Blogger gadgets.


Notice that Last Comments also shows the new lines as they appear in the comment — unlike its predecessors: Recent CommentsTop Comments (a duplicate of Recent Comments), and the built-in _Feedview comment feed lister. This is just one of the small but significant improvements Last Comments will bring to your blog. You can get Last Comments for your blog now by clicking the download link for version 1.2 or version 1.1 on the right under the header of this blog.