Version 9, Updated 20 Dec 2011

InComm is a Blogger widget designed to display comments below your blog posts on the home page, on Older Posts and Newer Posts pages, and on labels pages. It requires that your blog's Per-Post Comments feed is turned on.


  1. Click the button to add inComm to one of your blogs. See this Blogger Help article for more information about adding widgets to your blog.
  2. A window will pop up that allows you to select which blog of yours you want to add inComm to. Select the blog you want this widget to be added to from the drop-down list.
  3. If you want inComm to remain hidden, you can delete the title. If you delete the title, inComm will show up under the name HTML/JavaScript in the steps below.
  4. Press the ADD WIDGET button.
  5. After the pop-up window closes and the page changes to one that shows each gadget/widget as a rectangular box, drag and drop inComm to an open slot below the Blog Posts box.
  6. Push the SAVE or Save arrangement button at the top of page.
  7. View your blog's home page to verify that inComm installed correctly.
  8. Return to the Layout configuration page at any time to modify inComm's CSS or the HTML used to display each comment in the inCommHTML variable.

inComm (customize manually please)

Additional notes

  • For more information about configuring Per-Post Comments feed settings, please consult this resource on Blogger Help.
  • To remove inComm, return to your Layout configuration page and click the "Edit" link in the inComm widget's rectangle. Then click the REMOVE button in the pop-up window.