IE bug fix, feature addition, and style update

Last Comments underwent some changes last night to keep it running smoothly, give it a new feature, and update its style.

After trying Blogger's newest Simple template, I discovered that Last Comments was no longer feeling the love from Internet Explorer, and I was forced to make a code update for handling the font handed down by the blog's skin. Things should be back to normal for it now, but as always, send me an email or make a comment on this blog if you experience any problems.

While twiddling with the code, I decided to implement a feature I had been considering: secret code 999. From now on, if you enter 999 into the Comment Preview Length text box in the configuration window, Last Comments will show the complete contents of the comment in the feed. As far as I know, this means the entire comment will be shown for each listed comment. I don't think there is a demand for cutting the Comment Preview off at characters greater than 500, so any values greater than 500 other than 999 will still make the gadget go with the default Comment Preview Length of 60 characters. I am open to changing this as well if anyone should want more than 500 characters in their Comment Previews but less than the full comment.

The other change I made was to the styling of link underlines. The trend on the Web right now is for text underlines to be hidden on links unless they are hovered over, and Last Comments now conforms to that trend, essentially ending its ability to look like Blogger Buster's gadget, but I think Last Comments has progressed far enough now to be in a class above that gadget anyway, so no big loss (ask me if you want the link to a deprecated version that shows the underline at all times). Non-Comment Preview links (Author Name, Post Title, Date, Time, and the Custom Text Link) will still show in the link color set by your blog's theme even when not hovered over, while Comment Preview links will continue to appear in the normal text color of your blog's theme until hovered over for better readability.

Comments or questions on these changes are welcome.