Give your recent comments a Wordpress look

Part of my motivation for making Last Comments so customizable is that I wanted it to be able to look not only like Blogger Buster's gadget but also like the recent comments widgets you see on TypePad and Wordpress blogs where the author's name links to the author's website and is followed by the post title which is linked to the comment. If you are interested in getting that look for your Blogger blog, follow these steps:

  1. From your blog with Last Comments installed, click on "Design":

  2. On your blog's Design view for Page Elements, find the Last Comments gadget and click on its "Edit" link:

  3. Click in the Display List text box inside the configuration window that pops up:

  4. Type in Aa -Pc_on_* as shown:

  5. Click on the SAVE button at the top of the configuration window:

  6. Click on "View Blog" at the top of the Design view page:

  7. And Last Comments will now resemble a Wordpress recent comments widget! [Edit: with last night's upgrade, the underlines on the links will not appear until the links are hovered over by the mouse pointer, which is the current standard for Wordpress blogs, too!]