I went through and replaced all the old versions with the latest versions of 1.1 and 1.2. The configuration screen may have changed for those using the older versions (, 1.1.22, and and the styling of linked comment previews will now look like normal text until it is hovered over with the mouse. Otherwise, the gadget should continue working normally the way you have it set up.

The only exception is that versions and 1.1.22, while retaining the double underscore and double asterisk convention for underscores and asterisks, now have more stringent testing on user entered Display Lists and may revert to the default Display List ( S Aa*_wrote: C -Lc*_(link) Pp_on* ) if your customized Display List entry does not meet the stricter standards. If so, please save your current Display List for future reference, then remove the gadget, get the latest version from the download list at the right, and try making your own Display List again by consulting the User Manual. Sorry for any incovenience this may have caused.