Last Comments makes it easy to change the default behavior if you like using the default Display List which has this format: the separator in the color and thickness you chose for it at top, then author's name linked to the author's URL, then the comment preview on a new line (clicking on it will take you to the full comment), then the post title linked to the post URL on a new line.

So, what are the shortcuts? Well, to show the default Display List in floating style for horizontal spaces, type FS into the Display List textbox in the configuration screen (found by clicking the "Edit" link on the gadget placeholder in your blog's Design view). If you don't want the separator showing, simply type F. And for version 1.2, you can also start it up hidden and floating by adding an X to the front of either of those: XFS or XF.

If you are using Last Comments 1.2 and you want it to start with the comments hidden, type XS in the Display List. If you don't want the separator to show but still want it to start with comments hidden, type X into the Display List.

Here is the full list of shortcuts:

  • Versions 1.1 and 1.2
    • S (same as blank -- the default Display List, not hidden on startup)
    • FS
    • F
  • Version 1.2 only
    • XS
    • XFS
    • XF
    • X