Minor inComm Update & a Blog You Might Like

inComm, which puts the most recent comments on a post below that post on the homepage (and on Newer Posts and Older Posts pages) has been updated again, this time for performance. (Last Comments will be changed in the same way very soon as well.)

Per MS-potilas's suggestion, I have changed inComm so that it loads the smallest available image of comment authors to help avoid situations where there is a wait while very large author images load. I also changed the default image from a blank one to the standard Blogger "B", and I added a variable that lets you change the default avatar image in the code to whatever you want (by changing the value of inCommAvatarURI).

Reminder: To get the new functionality, you must remove your currently installed inComm widget, then install the new version.

By the way, if you want top quality Blogger widgets and template modifications for your Blogger blog, please visit MS-potilas's blog, Yet Another Blogger Tips Blog. MS-potilas made a recent comments widget that could display author images before they were included in the official Blogger comment feeds.