inComm is back!

I have put inComm back up! Click on the inComm tab above to get the new, vastly improved version!

If you don't know what inComm is or what it is for, let me explain. InComm is a widget for Blogger that allows the comments on your blog to be displayed beneath your posts without readers having to view individual posts separately. The presentation of the comments can also be customized in almost any way you want using CSS and HTML.

Even better, inComm is easier than ever to add to your blog! Just click the button on the installation page and follow the instructions to get inComm up and running on your blog in seconds.

Customization continues to be manual for now, but the default settings are up to 25 comments and the color and styles you see on this blog. If you want help changing the look of inComm for the time being, please contact me about it or leave a comment here.

Also, if you need help removing the old version from your blog template (which is highly recommended), let me know. This version requires no manual template modification whatsoever, making it accessible to nearly everyone. Even uninstallation of this version is as simple as clicking the remove button. So go ahead and give it a try! You have nothing to lose.

Overall, please enjoy!

Update: Due to the lack of modern JavaScript in Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8, inComm was updated to work with those browsers on 2011-Nov-30. If you added it on the 29th of November, please remove that version and reinstall the new version. Thanks!