Tidying Up

I have removed the middle button from Last Comments 1.2 and the barely visible link tag at the bottom of Last Comments 1.1 because I have found a way to put the link to the user manual in the gadget configuration window only. The original purpose of the middle button and the link tag was to allow blog owners to easily find the Last Comments User Manual, and now that I can provide that link during configuration, I feel I no longer need to broadcast it on the public face of either gadget.

Last Comments 1.3 will retain the middle button because it stores cookies on the browsers of all authenticated users and obtains limited access to each authenticated user's Google Account for identity verification purposes, and I need all authenticated users to know this information in case they want to delete the stored cookie from their browser or revoke the gadget's limited access to their Google Account.

This update should make Last Comments 1.1 and 1.2 tidier and make them easier for first time users to customize since custom Display List examples will now be visible above the gadget preview during gadget configuration for easy copying and pasting.

If there are any adverse effects because of this change, please let me know right away through the comments here or by email. Thank you.