inComm version 5

The code was modified to allow you to set an upper limit on the number of comments inComm shows beneath each post. You set the limiting number in Step 7. The default maximum number of comments that will show beneath each post is now five. This will be particularly useful for people who want to remove the max-height styling rule from the inComm CSS styling class and show the comments below each post without activating the scroll bar.

So, to take advantage of this update, replace the code you entered from Step 7 with the new code, and set the inCommMaxComments variable to the maximum number of comments you want to see beneath each post, then replace the code you pasted from Step 12 with the new code, and finally, delete the max-height styling rule from the inComm class you entered in Step 17, like this:

.inComm {
  overflow: auto;
  padding: 0 10px;