New Feature: Show only visitor comments

Thanks to Blackswan's suggestion, Last Comments now includes the option to show recent comments only from visitors. If this option is set, comments from blog authors will not be shown. To turn on this feature, you need to add a V to the front of your custom Display List.* The V should come after the X if you are using it and before the F if you are using it, and the V option should have no space before it or after it. Examples using this visitors-only feature follow.
  • If you want to use the default Display List, type VS into the custom Display List field in the gadget's configuration screen (see the pictured example at the bottom of this post).
  • For Last Comments 1.2, if you want it to use the default Display List and start with the visitor comments hidden, enter XVS
  • If you are displaying the gadget in a horizontal space that requires floating and are using the default Display List, enter VFS.
  • If you are not using options X, F, or S, simply add V to the start of your custom Display List. As an example, the old custom Display List Aa*_on_ -Pp would become VAa*_on_ -Pp.
The Last Comments 1.2 demo on the right showcases this functionality. Both versions are up and running with the new feature now, but some servers are still serving the old version from their caches. Hopefully all server caches will be updated by the end of the day. (If you are getting an old version, the display will revert to the default when you use the V option in your custom Display List. You might have some success getting the newest version by refreshing your blog several times or by holding the Shift key while clicking your browser's Refresh button.)

* Where is the Display List? Your custom Display List can be found in one of the text fields you see when you edit the gadget by clicking on "Design" in the Navbar and then clicking on "Edit" in the rectangular box with the gadget's title in it. Here is an example of the configuration area for a custom Display List with a sample custom Display List entered in the text field: