Version 1.3b, Updated 30 Dec 2010 19:50:56 GMT

Chronoblog is a widget that utilizes blog post feeds to serialize your blog in chronological order (reverse order from a blog). When Chronoblog is first started by a user, it displays the very first post made on your blog. The reader can then read each post in order using directional buttons. Like a bookmark, Chronoblog will remember the last post that was open by readers and will remember if it was showing or hidden using browser cookies, allowing readers to pick up where they last stopped reading. Below are the instructions for installing Chronoblog, followed by a configuration panel that lets you customize Chronoblog in many different ways.


  1. Customize Chronoblog then click the button to add Chronoblog to one of your blogs. See this Blogger Help article for more information about adding widgets to your blog.
  2. After the page changes to the Design|Page Elements configuration page on your blog, drag and drop Chronoblog to a page element slot above the Blog Posts rectangle. (See image in Step 3.)
  3. Push the SAVE button on the Design|Page Elements configuration page. (See image below.)
  4. View your blog to verify that Chronoblog installed correctly.

Customize Chronoblog
Show Chronoblog on:
  • the main (home) page only
  • on all pages (home, posts, archives, static pages)
  • on a page with a specific URI
    Enter the URI (
  • on a page with a specific title
    Enter the exact page title:

Maximum height (enter CSS value and units or none to disable):
Automatically handle post overflow: Yes, No, or Hide overflow
Mimic Designer Template styles: Yes or No
Start Button Message:
Show Chronoblog Message:
Hide Chronoblog Message:
First Post Message:
Earlier Post Message:
Current Post Message:
Later Post Message:
Last Post Message:
Text before author's name: (spaces before and after the text must be entered or they will be left off)
Text between time and author's name: (spaces before and after the text must be entered or they will be left off)
12-hour or 24-hour time: 12-hour or 24-hour
Text between hours and minutes:
AM style (12-hour time only):
PM style (12-hour time only):
No Post Entries Message:
No Post Feed Message:
Error Message:

Additional notes

  • Chronoblog works best with your Blog Posts Feed set to "Full" or "Until Jump Break". Feeds set to "Short" show the HTML of entries as plain text. For more information about configuring feed settings, please consult this resource on Blogger Help.
  • To remove Chronoblog, return to your Design|Page Elements configuration page and click the "Edit" link in the Chronoblog rectangle. Then click the REMOVE button in the pop-up window.
  • Spanish language defaults provided by Scalisto.